Monday, May 25, 2009

Aphids, oh why.

this is a lovely close up

um, YUK

Harder to see,
it was a fairly small beginning
that I hope we put an end to.

this is the new improved use for recycled ziplocs...
who knew they could be effective in pest control
they held the leaves and aphids quite well.

Well. We seem to have some aphids attempting to populate the deck.

We put a very nice stop to it Sunday. I got out there and picked several leaves (covered with larvae and a few full size) off two eggplants and my Helga. Then I proceeded to use organic insecticidal soap on ALL the plants on the deck. I really only saw one or two more full grown aphids and a couple more larvae. I found it funny that they were on the tops of the eggplant leaves and the bottoms of the tomato leaves. Very different. I will need to spray again when the rain has finished this week, then we will move onto another type of organic control. Beetles... specifically Ladybug beetles.

I will have darling husband stop and get Ladybugs on his way home from work Wednesday...that should put an end to that.

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