Friday, May 22, 2009

Lettuce Update

It's May 20th.
On the left Amish Deer tongue and on the right Black seeded-simpson.
We have been pulling larger leaves and eating them on chicken salad sandwiches too.
Absolutely Delicious!

The Forellenschluss
(yes, I started harvesting a salad before I remembered to get a pic!)

Now both tubs of lettuce are substantially smaller and our salad last night was Fabulous.
I have already thrown seed once (see the small seedlings growing) and I will re-seed again this weekend.

I decided I NEED grow lights or a small greenhouse.
I don't ever want to eat store bought lettuce again, really.
It just doesn't compare. I want to grow this stuff year round.

I should also mention that the spinach is possibly the only tub not doing very well. The Tom thumb lettuce did not do well the first seeding, but it is really starting to grow little bitty heads now. I look forward to it, the tom thumb is the sweetest butter lettuce I have ever tasted.

I do want to experiment with some different seeds for butter lettuces in the fall, since it is my new favorite.
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Don and Dawn said...

Great salad bowl!!! Isn't the lettuce wonderful...I miss having fresh, and TOTALLY understand why you love it so much!