Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The video version...

He is really trying to say cheese at the beginning ... I had just taken his picture several times. He is having waaaay too much fun trying to feed himself.

He is talking so much now, even when we cannot understand the words he is saying. Quite the little jabber jaw. He stacked 3 blocks the other day, intentionally to knock them down by blowing on them... a trick he learned from medium. Then just yesterday he learned how to use the lever on the see n say... so now he sits with it and listens to all the animal sounds. Very clever little 15 month old. We are enjoying him so very much.

His very favorite activity is to open the screen door and head out onto the deck and run up to any one of the plants and say "bite" and grab a leaf for eating... thus far, he has only done that with one of our 4 lettuce boxes. And he actually eats the lettuce... excellent move for a toddler to be enjoying his greens so early. Medium loves veggies but has only recently agreed to eat lettuce and enjoy it. Tall has eaten every vegetable since the beginning.

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