Sunday, May 3, 2009

Raised Beds...

Larger picture of the bed

Red Nasturiums around the interior edge!

3 Black Brandywines (rear left, right and front middle)
1 Banana Pepper (front left)
1 Purple Beauty Pepper (front right)
1 Doux de Espagne (rear middle)

Lime Basil seeds around the tomatoes
Little Finger Carrot seeds in between the peppers

Listada de Gandia Eggplant (front right)

Little Danvers Carrots (seeds - front middle)

Burpee organic radish (seeds- front left)

entire rear is Turnip seeds

plants you see are Peach Melba Nasturiums

There are 6 Peach Melba Nasturiums
top left is a sage plant (not the herb)

I forgot to mention... the peels. Yes, those are potato peels. Every single stinkin time I make any kind of potato... I save the peels to sprinkle around the garden. It heard it can help keep the deer away. IF it works, GREAT... if not, at least I have ready made compost going! I also put down HAIR (yes, ours from haircuts) around the bricks... but down on the ground... not in the actual gardening area!


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