Sunday, May 3, 2009

Continued Update...

Forellenschluss Lettuce

HELGA !!! Looking Fabulously recovered!

Another Helga!

Jacob's Cattle ~ Gasless

This bean does not appear to have germinated as nicely as the others, I will plant in more where they are missing! ~ it will be good, for I will have a continual harvest this way.

HELGA is all doing better (Thank you Paul!).

I simply put her outside and left her there, exposed to the elements (sun, wind and rain) on my deck. She flourished, as you can see. I also clipped off any foilage that was dry, or turned up from my "overwatering the seedling" efforts. All sunburn seems to have been eliminated on all plants as well.

I ended up with

8 good Helga plants (6 for friends- 2 for me!)

6 really great Black Brandywines (5 for me - one for Tracie!)

not so many cherry tomatoes (Like 5!) I did regerminate and there are 5 new ones are popping up outside in seedling trays. ~ I really want some bi-color cherry plants!

7 pretty good Bloesser Pink Beefsteaks - 2 for me!

5 Aunt Ruby's German Cherry - 2 for me !
(at least, I think they are all german cherry...)

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