Sunday, June 21, 2009

Extended Birthday celebrating...

Aunt Dawn and Uncle Friday
could not make it to the celebration that evening
deadlines and all that work type yuk.

So, Uncle Friday... on his day off I might add...
went to TRU and bought the most fabulouso of presentos

see for yourself...


Wow, a present I can play with right away!

Oh man,
see their expressions...
as if the BIG GINORMOUS BAGS were not exciting enough,
seriously I didn't know they made gift bags THAT big.

but really, they could not believe what they were seeing...

a supercalifragilistic
Planet Heroes


This has been played with ALL OVER MY LIVING ROOM PEOPLE!

It is still sitting out,
as I type this,
because Medium cannot bear to move it to the basement playroom,

He will, once he figures out that the rescue heroes
can play together with the planet heroes.

again I say

Some things are better left to be discovered...

even if it means my living room looks like a million kids
AND a tornado
hit it.

Did I mention that even small has been playing it.
(Tall too, but don't tell her I put that on the blog!)

but seriously, I don't mind a pointed mess
as long as it has a good point.
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