Saturday, June 27, 2009

New post... no pics

Really. I know, I know, I depend on the pics to frame my story... but today... I am just too tired.

No good reason. just tired.

Medium had VBS all week... and it was FUN! Boomerang express and small was actually trying to sing, dance and sign with the crowd, every day when we picked medium up. They had a fabulous water evening ... complete with song and dance and hot dogs and a fire hose spraying the parking lot at the church. Lots of inflatables and water fun everywhere. Really, it all comes back to Jesus! Did I mention the firetruck and hose?... 911 - down under hmm... rosie, rick are you hearing this...

The veggies are growing and needing more water every day than I dreamed possible. A few of the self watering icing buckets are simply too small to hold what tomato plants need. I moved "Helga" downstairs under the deck, hoping she will put on more fruit with a bit more shade. She is drinking up two waterings daily. yikes. The Bi-color cherry (my favorite) is taking two daily waterings as well. The eggplant is white with purple stripeys - the most beautiful thing I have seen ever! I have a banana pepper in one of the raised beds and the doux de espagne has peppers, large peppers on all the plants! There are green tomatoes everywhere too!

Tonight I had to clean up the deck, the earthboxes are taking over out there... I went to move one and had an ant colony breeding under it YUK YIK YUK ! I hosed it all off my pretty deck and moved the boxes around. Note to self ; use casters under all of them next year! The ants are trying to take over in our yard anyway... it seems all this rain is flooding them out of their normal homes and they are trying to move up and breed on any dry wood they can... garden benches or earthbox, seems they are not that picky. News to ants: I AM Picky! now, move along!!

If life were not fun enough... on the very day our listing for our house expires, we get a phone call to show it, tomorrow. So keep us in your prayers. Whatever and wherever God wants us. His will not ours!

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