Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Time for that ago old song...

Beans, Beans the musical fruit...


Purple pod beans

Blue Lake Green Beans

the more you eat ...

This is the blue lake bush bean plants
still covered, after all we picked this evening!

This is the purple pod bush bean plants

Also, still covered after picking!

I just hope they keep on coming until Fall.

I am surprised to see so many beans so quickly.

- maybe time is getting away from me, it is the middle of June.

We have enough beans to make freshly snapped and steamed green (and purple) beans with dinner for the next 3 nights.

AND I also picked a handful (okay 20) pods of jacobs cattle.
Which, might I add, is surprisingly tasty as a snap. I was surprised that the bean inside is still extremely immature, small and not yet speckled. Henceforth, I will simply leave those on the plants to dry out and use that way.

I intend to replant this week a small spattering of Jacob's cattle.

- you know in my FREE time when I am not baking a birthday cake and cupcakes and brownies for medium, or packing tall for summer camp or shopping for tall for summer camp,
or playing with small and medium ... etc... you know, in my SPARE free time.

Then I want to do succession plantings from now until I don't know when of all the beans (where do I put them??) so that we have beans for days. Especially the Jacob's cattle gasless! I want to make chili with that ALL winter long. And maybe some bean and sage dishes. mmm. and a few other dried bean recipes I keep running across.

For now, I will be happy to eat the sweet, newly picked pods.

and I will toot my own horn

and that of the music man

and laugh when it "toots"
the horn(s) of small, medium and tall!!!


Beans grown at home are FREE protein
no meat purchase required!


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