Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Pizza, Pizza and beans and corn...

small, enjoying some piz

(that's what he called it, after running to the refrigerator
when I said "do you want some pizza?")

medium, enjoying his pizza!

a lovely shot of (from left to right)
Dwarf orange tree in blue pot - with Helga behind her
Purple pod beans
Dwarf blue corn
Blue Lake bush beans
Black brandywines hiding in the right corner earthbox

I am really amused that the blue lake bean leaves are so very much larger than the purple pod bean leaves... it allows me to see all the lavender blossoms easier than I can see the white blossoms... isn't that funny. I thought bean blossoms and leaves were pretty much the same.
In comparison, the jacobs cattle (not shown here) have huge leaves too and white blossoms. I am sad I only got about 5 of the Jacobs cattle to grow successfully, I even sowed 8 beans, twice.
I think I may have my darling husband build me another raised bed this coming weekend and put in some more bean plants (can you really ever have enough?) and put in beets as well.

Neither the spinach nor the beets are doing well in my rubbermaid containers.
The lettuces are not doing that great either... I wonder why? The second sowings are not coming up as nicely as the first did. And the sweet little Tom Thumb butter lettuce heads are tiny and sparse... even though I sowed seed 3 times into that container.

Yup, I want more... beans and beets and maybe turnips too!

Come to think of it... I want to replant lettuce too... maybe I will try a mostly inside experiment on that and see how they grow!
Now to find a sunny window, out of reach of small's little picking hands. He likes the butter lettuce the best; he will run over, grab a leaf, pull and quickly pop it into his tiny little mouth while smiling and saying "bite"!

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