Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Just an ordinary day in Vinland...

We decided today that sliding INTO the pool would be Waaaay more fun than just sitting and swimming around. This is medium and the two next door neighbors; tall blondie and medium blondie. :) and of course small is right there trying to get in on the fun!

I'm pretty sure they were hamming for the camera at this point!

Check out small, he wants in on this action.
and he is too stinkin cute in them jams baby.

Can you see the Brandywine tomatoes behind medium's hair and the potato trash can with custom add-on height above smalls head. The raised bed gardens are to the right of the picture. We watered the garden tonight with the water from the pool instead of using the sprinkler.

Now, do you think Medium was having fun???

Just had to show you the latest from the garden

Okay... he made that with Play-doh. :)

But we did pull one from the raised bed today that was about a third of that size... it was delish. As was the very first cucumber. Tune in tomorrow night, because I will be grilling up the very first eggplant and a couple of doux de espagne. (which, by the way, I thought would turn red, or yellow or something, but have thus far only come in green!)

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hansenana said...

Hey the kids are so cute anyway e