Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Veggies mmmm

The very first Listada de Gandia ~Eggplant!

Isn't the coloring lovely!

The leaves of the eggplant are HUGE too.

Tonight... grilled eggplant veggie fajitas !

Tomorrow night we eat fresh dwarf blue corn on the cob!

I may grill a couple of ears tonight, just because I can!!

We continue to have green beans, the purple pod beans are flowering again! This means we should have plenty of beans through the summer.

We have some critters in the garden; a few aphids, a yukko green caterpillar or two on and in the stems of the tomato (I deleted them of course) and some wierd tiny black with two yellow stripeys beetles on the turnips. All in all, not bad for a first year of organic gardening. The ladybug beetles have kept the aphids mostly away and probably several others I don't even know they ate! There are some japanese beetles around, but they appear to not have done too much damage. We drown them as we find them. I continue to put ladybug beetles out and check the plants daily for new damage. The Jacobs cattle is sustaining some leaf damage, but fairly minor... it has some new blossoms where I pulled beans two weeks ago too. Which is good news to me, I was worried I was not going to have enough to put up dried beans!

The worst pest is the ants... we have an unbelievable amount of tiny black ants in our yard and neighboring yards, I think this year because of all the rain they have been trying to move their eggs and nest to dryer locations. I have found (and destroyed) egg piles on the wood bench (between the cushion and the wood) out in the raised bed garden and now twice under two of the earthboxes. Next year, they all get casters.

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