Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Red, White and BLUE ...

of which, Small, ate his body weight
and then some!

Medium enjoying

Look at them all
it was difficult to pick
because there were so many gorgeously ripe ones!

Early on, before we filled bucket

We filled two

totalling Eight Pounds!

Friday, July 3rd, we enjoyed Daddy having a day off. Long overdue and to be enjoyed... we went blueberry picking at a U-pick farm. We visited this farm last year for some amazing Freestone Peaches. The peaches, by the way, were looking pretty fabulous already. A bit green, but will be ready soon. I digress. The Blueberries are only available for picking one day a week while they are in season, and this being a holiday weekend, had people out in droves. The farm was busy and blessed by pickers young and old.

WE were some of the young, in case you didn't know that!

There were so many sweet ripe berries we really stood over the same 5 or 10 bushes. The farm had the most ingenious system to keep out the birds, I was impressed.

There were rows of blueberries with grass in between and then 12' deck posts at 15' intervals with bird netting draped completely over and hanging down the sides, except for the entry.

I mentioned to my darling husband that THIS is what I want to see SOMEDAY - along with my green house(s) and cherry trees and peach trees and veggie gardens... and Julian Easel(s) set up outside all ready for me to paint ...

But really, you could so build this in your backyard with like 15 blueberry bushes and some deck posts and netting and like never run out or pay too much for someone else's organic blueberries again!

Happy Red, White and BLUE !!!

Happy Independence Day!
Thank you to ALL who make it possible
for each and every one of us to live as
a Free American Citizen.


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