Thursday, July 23, 2009

What is that cavorting AROUND and AROUND MY GARDEN?

Around and around,

the pretty brick raised bed garden,

the bunnies were chased by,

THE WEASEL ????!!!!

Yes, you read that right. Songwriter that I am, not.

Tonight, we witnessed first hand a wildlife blunder, I mean wonder, running around the garden.

It was almost dark outside and we were sitting in our room reading when movement outside caught my eye. I looked to see a dark little animal jumping around. NOT a rabbit. Looked kinda like a ferret;

click; light bulb;

It's a WEASEL. By my garden!

He was chasing off those blasted bunnies. Well, he was cute enough running and bouncing gracefully around, he can hang around in the evenings and eat those bunnies all he wants. (Like I have ANY control over it!) At least he is a carnivore, not a vegetarian. I wonder if that is why we no longer have moles!

Caity, Chris and I got to sit around him and watch him try to catch wabbits. He took off when I went outside to try and get a pic. Maybe tomorrow night!

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