Friday, July 17, 2009

I learned a new word today...


and what? you may ask yourself, does that mean?

It means that after suffering through what I thought was a simple dyhydrosis dermatitis episode - where several tiny little bumps become one HUGE and PAINFUL blistery bump, that then crack and peel and look FANTASTIC for about a week, ALL because I decided to actually use soap or hand sanitizer somewhere other than home where it is perfumeless, blah blah complain about contact dermatitis blah, ... I found out that I had an infection on one of my fingertips, right at the cuticle line.

Dang it all!

I was on my way to see Chris lead a set and then actually stay for the teaching with happy helpful kiddos in tow and THEN...

when I stopped to get dinner for those kids so we could quick picnic before the set,

I noticed that my very painful finger bump thingy was suddenly HOT and SWOLLEN like crazy and WAAAAAY more painful than when we left the house 45 minutes ago. AND THROBBING.

I was unable to bendy that finger all the way...

Then I noticed that oh crud, my finger is pretty stinkin big and so is the rest of my hand and hey, why does my wrist ache... (sometimes a high pain tolerance is a pain in itself!) ...

Nope, no red streaks, but still... (did anyone else's mom talk about the Kennedy kid that died from blood poisoning from a blister from playing tennis... is that even accurate? - Um, NO, sorry Mom... to set that story straight, it was the son of Calvin Coolidge who died from blood poisoning after he hurt a toe playing tennis... Well, I suppose the scare tactic of that stayed with me, even if the story was not accurate)

So, all that to say, I began looking for a local Urgent care, because we all know that the ER is not for a simple infection, and my doc is NOT going to be available for 3 more days and it is beginning to LOOK like just MAYBE I cannot wait until Monday or Tuesday for this...

There was an urgent care in the very next strip mall down from Taco Bell, Thank you Jesus!

They were not TOO busy and we went on in... The kids were very well behaved (again, Thank you Jesus!) and the next step was

are you ready for this...

To LANCE my finger to relieve the pressure of this new infection (it has been brewing for a week, I really did think it was just dermatitis!)

I mean to say that two weeks ago, this same thing happened on a different finger, a BIG blister showed up between the knuckles on top and was waaaay painful for a week until I lanced it myself and then waited a week for it to even try to heal. It was then that I read you should NOT open these blisters up and the silly thing finally stopped hurting and healed, anyway... I just thought it was the same type thing.

Um, NO.

Wonderful Tall walked Small around in the stroller while all this attention was paid to my finger.

Fabulous Medium, he stayed with me, being my strong and sensitive support man, even prayed for me during it all. Love Him! He even went so far as to come over and look at the "cut" while I was soaking (and, um, bleeding) in a saline solution after the lancing. wild.

All this to say, that yes, my finger does feel better. Though it looks no better and is still HOT.

I did start the antibiotics as soon as we got home. I did know they would give some to me at an Urgent care, simply because HOT means Infected. and that means antibiotics!

I did not KNOW, but suspected... that they would cut it open. ugh. It hurt THAT bad, that I was okay with that.

As far as timing goes, Chris called as I was signing the slip for my co-pay... He had just finished leading worship and wondered why we had not made it. I filled him in, stopped by for a kiss and to beg, I mean ask, him to come home to take care of me.

We had made it all the way out to about 5 minutes from HOP before I went into the urgent care, so we were just down the street to stop by and get Chris.

I did drive the whole way home with my Throbbing finger held higher than my heart.

He did a great job, picking up my script and getting home just in time to carry up and tuck in the beautiful children and then dote on me before we headed off to dreamland.

What a day... oh, and hey, the carpets look verrrry clean. and are now covered with the plastic walky path thingys to protect the cleanness from little people who drip drinks and drop crumblys.

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