Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fruits and Veggies Update...

Last week I picked some turnips and
we ate greens and turnips with supper.
oh man, they were sweet!

I also picked a few baby Chioggia beets,
which we ate warm, mmm.

This morning all these were ready
to be picked off plants on our deck.

L to R
Bloesser Pink tomato (yes, it is yellow)
Doux de Espagne sweet peppers
5 Bi-Color Cherry (yes, you only see 4- Tall ate 1)
Banana Pepper
Purple Beauty Peppers
Aunt Ruby's German Cherry tomatoes (unbelievably not small cherry tomatoes)

Gorgeous Photo of our Fruit

Also, yesterday morning we picked some blueberries. Caity was at camp the first time we went, so I threw the kiddos into the vehicle and headed out there. It is so nice to live close to a U-Pick with fabulous fruit.
We brought home about 5.5 pounds of blueberries. We could see all the lovely peaches ripening on the trees. Maybe next week they will be ready and then it will be time to can some of this lovely harvest!

And in other news, the deer came up on the patio last night and decimated the 6 lovely sunflowers I have been growing in containers. It also looks like they knocked over a stack of wood. I will check the raised bed later today for any deer related damage, but it looks like they ate the yellow Dahlia that was blooming out there. Silly Deer, flowers are for bees.
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