Monday, July 6, 2009

Not me...

Not Me Mondays is a fun posting carnival - see sidebar for link ... it takes you to a friend's blog where she lists all the "not me" things she did this week and then a list of fellow "not me-ers" yes, I made that last word up.

So for me...

I did not lean small back in a reclined stroller while everyone was eating around us at a wedding reception and proceed to change his very wet diaper, nope, not me and I certainly did not snap back up his onesie and dressy overalls that were soaked through and let him continue to wear it, effectively til it dried itself, nope, NOT ME.

I did not poke my stinkin eye out trying on a pair of sunglasses at the store today... with a sharp plastic UNMOVING tag on the frames of a pair of sunglasses, very effectively scratching my eye and cutting my eyelid... and then act like it did not hurt like heaven and earth while I purchased the same eyeglasses, because really... now I need to go back and try and shop with crabby crunchy whiny small child and way too active for a store medium child for another pair when my eye is replaced by a glass one... nope, not me.

I did not do all my yardword in my almost a bra swimsuit top and a pair of shorts (much like my mother did my entire childhood - in her 50's style swimsuit top) this weekend and every other time the sun is out and I do yardwork, surely I am wearing more modest clothing than that to cut the grass, sweat, weed, sweat, trim, mulch sweat etc... nope that's not me at all!

I did not forget medium left the hose on and then walk around the other side of the house chasing small, leaving the same hose on for another hour until it flooded the yard either. sigh, nope, not me.

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