Saturday, August 15, 2009

The bounty ...

Look at that Bloesser Pink... it is actually pink.

Picked fresh this morning
3.5 pounds
yes, really.

How cool is that?!
yes, very.

11 Pints of Cresthaven Peaches

Pleasing to the palate.

Passionately picked
with Panache!


Also, we picked 3 smallish eggplant and a few more tomatoes from the raised beds this afternoon.

During a SHOWING.

that we did not get a call for


Imagine this...

Baby is down for nap,

I am in kitchen prepaing to bake a blueberry pie and prep dinner for our friends,

the doorbell rings,

did I mention our friends were due to arrive in 1 hour?

Chris wanders past muttering something about doorbell, baby napping,

and heads over to answer the door,

but before he gets there ...

the door opens,

yes, really.

There is an agent with a couple.

Oh, didn't you get the message we were coming?

Uh, no.

We excuse our selves for 5 minutes.

Run around the house like chickens with our heads cut off,

and make the beds,

I mean, generally tidy up,

then we head out to the backyard while they look.


I don't ever mind a showing,

It means people are interested!

I am happy we showed it.

It was a silly 5 minutes.

The kids did a terrific job!

Keep praying.

The agent mentioned they would be back in a few days?
to see it again?

Keep Praying!

Keep Praying!

God's will
God's timing
God's perfect plan for our lives.

Jeremiah 29:11

that is all.

Oh, I forgot...

Our friends arrived on time for an afternoon and dinner.

The blueberry pie,
although made while they were here,
was unbelievably Delish!
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