Friday, August 21, 2009

You must be joking...

Happy to be home

still eating a lollipop
cast is still a bit hot
in the parking garage at
Dr. O's office

See any resemblance??

It was winter of 2005
Medium fell and suffered a "toddler fracture" to his fibia.


I wish I was joking.

Small fell on Monday... we went to urgent care. Not broken they said. went to his ped on Tuesday... nope not broken, but if he is still limping like that on Thursday then go to Ortho. YUP today is Friday

went to Ortho

Thank You Jesus for Dr. O

She is truly fabulous
and kind.

Poor little small...

2 weeks in this cast.

it was quite an episode...

Just imagine...
Medium has his check up on Monday afternoon
from the March hip surgery
and Dr. O says he looks great and then informs me that she won't need to see him for
6 months! Yay!!

I am at home Monday night, I run down to do a load of laundry
leaving tall to keep an eye on small for just a minute...
let me just say here it was not tall's fault
small likes to stand on stuff
and he just happened to tip over this time
Handsome husband calls while I am in the basement doing laundry
I take a sec to talk to him and arrive upstairs just in time to find out that small
just fell and cried like crazy
at 5:30 monday night.

at 6ish
I decide to take him to urgent care
because his gait is severely impaired
he is not wanting to put any weight on his right foot

I spend 2 hours
with small crying pretty much non-stop
once he figured out they wanted to see and prod and poke him!

they had to hold him down for xray
he was NOT still for those

they send me home
telling me they see no break
give him ibuprofen


I call his ped on Tuesday and go in that afternoon (his gait is not better)

his ped tells me he will review the xrays from urgent care and get back with me and then he calls later that day to let me know; no break on xray
to "reassure me" that if small is still limping like this
on Thursday he will refer us to ortho

I wait

I watch

I call Thursday am

they get me in on Friday afternoon at 2 with Dr. O

I wait

I go

Small cries

a lot

just the sight of someone in scrubs
even in the hallway before the visit
is enough to set him crying

my poor little guy

is crying

a lot

We see Dr O
she watches the gait
she speaks ever so sweetly and softly to small (who is still crying)
she gently pokes and prod and is the doctor

she tells me she believes it to be a "toddler fracture"

de ja vu to 2005

She offers up "the boot cast"
it covers a wide variety of fractures and will help keep small's foot stable while it heals

I wait,
small is still crying at the sight of anyone other than me

the tech comes in
tries to get the boot to fit
calls in another tech
more crying
they get it on
I go out into the reception area
(read: lots of people)
small is STILL CRYING unconsolably
I give him a lollipop and try to
to make an appointment for 2 weeks

as soon as we are outside... no more tears

We get to the car
small slips out of the boot
I think (are you kidding me?)
I will put it back on tighter.
slips it right off his foot
again with tighter

I wait a second and decide rather than call my hubby in tears I will go back in suffer through small's tears until they get him a smaller boot.

we go in, small cries, Dr O comes out to chat - in the waiting area
small cries at the sight of her, so she kindly steps behind the stroller where he cannot see her
but more people in scrubs keep coming to the door and he just cries.

Guess what...
that IS the smallest boot they have


it's a cast

with ALOT more crying

so much in fact, small threw up he was so mad
and burst all the tiny little blood vessels around his eyes
(yes Mom, like I did as a child) sigh.

It was a bloody hard appointment. (except with no blood)

The techs were wonderful
thanks John and Joan

The doc was wonderful
Dr. O we think you are fabulous
ever the professional, yet with a heart for the kids.

and all the people in the waiting room were compassionate
as were the reception people


I did not tell him they have to CUT THAT THING OFF in 2 weeks.

We can cross that when we get to it.

For now,
no more tears

and it took EXACTLY 2.5 seconds for him to adjust to walking in the cast!

I must say that His gait is much improved now that his foot is in a non-painful position!


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Alyssa Berwick said...

Wow, Paige, I'll definitely be praying for you guys. That is quite a doozy... Love you guys...