Monday, August 31, 2009

Our Zoo is Fabulous!

Just check out the stingray pool

the kids can "pet" them!

Medium liked it!

Pointing at them.

waiting on another to pass under his hand

What a cool thing!

tall waiting...

It's funny how they touch your hand as they glide past.
They are very smooth.

Tall wanted to stay, a long long time here.

Mommy helping small touch one

He thought it was kind of cool.

they kind of "rose up" in the water to meet his little hand.

I even got to play a little.


There were two different types plus the black ones.

It was cool, when small realized the entire pool was full of them
and watched them moving around.

The boys were thrilled.

moving on...

laughing together!

It was hard to tear them away!

It was perfect weather and there were not
many other people.

They kept smiling
and waiting on the next one to swim by.

Small was ready to move on...

and medium was...

"I'm thinking"
I'm thinking...

"where's the train?!"

we opted for the walk...

and were rewarded with very active animal viewings.

can you see the zookeeper above right?

He had just thrown in some food
and the elephant was trying to get a treat out of him!

Just like the kids


Taking a bath

wandering around...
generally being an elephant

then we stopped at a favorite...

and the kids played with the butterflies...


Tall's favorite pastime.

catching, releasing.

This is a Jasmine tree
FABULOUS scent that wafted about the entire structure.

I want one, for inside. yeah!

They look happy !

They had a blast!

On a perfectly gorgeous day at the zoo.

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