Monday, August 17, 2009

Out for a drive in the country

Today, small drove out to my garden

From the back porch
not very far
just across the yard

to here

Once he arrived ...

He helped himself

to the green tomatoes

He kept taking bites

and looking at other possible tomatoes

looking and chewing

and biting

and picking another
as I take a shot of the half eaten half ripe tomato left in my hands

He spied a red one...

then Mommy picked a really ripe black brandywine!

eager to snack on this!

Small kept asking for more...

He kept on biting and chewing

He kept on biting...

It started to rain,
but not before he bit/squirted juice all over his little head...

he let me carry him up to the house

with the tomato still in my hand!

Cute tomato face

we decided to finish our snack on the front porch...

he ate almost the entire thing...

Then the rain became more interesting...

So we finished up and went in!

Whew, love those tomato snacks!


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