Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Just Peachy

My friend Tracie came over today...

which in itself is Fabulous...

but today she came bearing gifts...

2 Pecks of Encore Peaches!

so ...

we took this

and made....


8 Quarts & 4 Pints of sliced Peaches in light syrup

4 Half Pints Peach Honey

6 Half Pints Peach Jelly

2 Happy Canners

It was truly a canning marathon. The kids swam and played outside for 8 hours - eating both lunch and dinner at the picnic table under the deck... while we canned like crazy!

Small hung around and played toys and talked to us off and on from the edge of the kitchen and tried (ha) to catch his 2 naps.

It was totally fun.

I am totally ready for a night of sleep!


I should say... I have never made peach honey before, YUM!

You simply cook down the skins/peelings from all those peaches you are slicing
and canning to make PEACH HONEY.

You cook them down with a little water and then SQUEEZE them through cheesecloth
until it looks something like the above pic! mmmmm peach mush.
and after throwing the peach mush
into the trash ( uh, I mean compost pile)

You take the lovely juice
and cook it down with sugar to a honey consistancy
then put it in sweet little jelly jars!

and see how happy it makes you to taste it!

I see homemade buttermilk biscuits in our breakfast future(s)


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