Monday, December 21, 2009

As I linger ...

over vanilla carmel coffee,

over gumdrops and icing icicles already "missing" from gingerbread houses,

over ornaments hung askew,

and over pretzels & cookies decorated with waaaay too many sprinkles for one person.,

over a bible story my toddler prefers over others,

over a new tradition, the nightly Jesse Tree scripture and ornament,

I am blessed to be celebrating our Clausen holiday traditions together.

Tree - decorated ... check.

Gingerbread houses - completed ... check.

Pretzels - dipped in chocolate and sprinkles ... check.

Precious dreaming blessings ... check.

Christmas carols blaring in my car ... check (and thank YOU tall)

hmmm, I still have things to get done... driving around to see light displays, canning Apple Butter for gifts, more cookies to bake and give, presents to wrap, stories to read, fires to sit by, children to play with, husband to snuggle up to.

My life is good.

What are your favorite Christmas memory makers?

Here are pics of some of ours... :)

Hats and decorating the Tree...

Gingerbread Houses ...


Don and Dawn said...

Great Gingerbread house, but I especially LOVE the candy cane tree!!!

Bizzy Grapperhaus said...

I like you so very much. And as I'm catching up with your blog (and you in a way) I'm tucking in some extra comments on this one.
You know what I like about a good blog (I think yours is): I can see the vivid lights and darks of the painting that He is making of someone's life. Its interesting! Its compelling and evocative. Its good work.