Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wordless Wednesday (except with words)

7 W 1 D

Uterus on Right
Baby on left of pic, growing outside uterus in the tube

Sweet little baby
Gestational Sac, Yolk Sac, Fetal Pole
all there

Simply in the wrong spot to grow correctly.

LMP on 10/14
Positive Home Pregnancy Test 11/16
Positive Blood Pregnancy Test 11/18; HCG 6778

Expected Delivery Date 7/10/2010

1st Negative Ultrasound 11/20; HCG 10,900
2nd Negative Ultrasound 11/25
(by negative I mean; no gestational sac, nothing in uterus, no signs of pregnancy anywhere)

Positive Ultrasound 12/1
unfortunately it positively showed an Ectopic pregnancy.
Baby tiny growing in tube by right ovary.

Oh, there you are.
Oh NO, THERE you are.

Saw and Heard precious tiny's heart beating.

Sweet little heartbeat, chambers moving, pumping.

Laporoscopic surgery for ectopic on 12/1.

Drive home from hospital without baby on 12/2 - Heartbreaking.

Baby tiny born to God on 12/1/2009.

Named by our hearts:
Cadence Selah Clausen

Sweet precious little love; worship Him, we will meet you there at the end of our days on earth.

Thank you family and friends and Gateway House of Prayer
for standing in the gap and crying out to our heavenly Father on our behalf.

We love and appreciate you all.
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