Sunday, December 13, 2009

The many ways God shows things to me...

Hope Angel Ornament

This ornament was my "White Elephant" Gift at a Christmas party friday night.

Friday was my day of Hope.

so God sent me a lovely reminder...

in a most unexpected place ...

a place where, due to many tears that just won't stop coming,

I almost did not go... (I am glad we did, we needed to laugh and hang with friends.)

This christmas party is renowned for gag gifts... really good white elephants, like the coconut bra, a rainbow propeller beanie cap, a mounted piece of driftwood (and who knew that a VHS collectors set of Red Skelton could be so highly coveted, changing hands 5 or 6 times), music lessons with a distinctly non-musical Scott Joggerst, a singing jerk-dancing rein-dog thing, lighted collector Christmas town pieces and the occasional yummy chocolate gift pack.

yes, a very unlikely place for my daddy to give me a hug...

and yet... He did.

"Hope" will be hanging on our Christmas tree this year and every year.

and Hope will be hanging out within our hearts eternally.

and on a lighter note...

This was my mother's brooch.
I wore it on purpose to the party!

Pretty groovy,
you know you want one.

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Don and Dawn said...

I know you got LOTS of compliments on that there groovy pin!!!