Saturday, April 2, 2011

Missing a Flamingo ...

Flamingo is in honor of Mom
who passed away 4 years ago today.

Which got me to thinking.
When someone dies, and time has passed,
you look around and realize, they simply aren't there.

and you miss them.

I think of the orphan
whose parents simply are not there.

and how great the need is for them
to have a mommy and daddy to be there for them.

stability and someone to count on...

to kiss and hug and love and laugh
and hold them when they are hurting
and cry with them
and understand when they are missing someone or something
and to rejoice with them
over everyday wonderful things
and spectacular once in a lifetime things

and I think about our child(ren)
who are not with us yet
but may be alone
or missing someone
who undoubtedly
are missing having their mommy and daddy

and my arms feel empty
and my heart aches

and I plant things.
to symbolize growth and life.

in the midst of brokeness and death.

and I think about my mommy.

I miss her.

I am sad she doesn't see my children.

all of them.

these were her hyacinth
and her narcissus.

and they bloom every year,
no matter where I replant them.

and they were her mothers before that.

and now, on to gardening...

Our bare root crop was planted today. :) I put 100 Strawberry plants into a pyramid and some planters today. It was fantastic weather and the boys were able to get a little vitamin D digging in the dirt in the spot where we plan (ha, someday) to put in that brick patio.

and these are my brussels and broccoli.

and these are the blueberries.
The two on either end in front are looking spectacular.
laden with blossoms, that will be fruit soon.

this is the small strawberry planter.

These are the two larger planters.
(I bought all three for $5 at a yard sale. I know.)

This is my strawberry pyramid.
It has about 75 plants in it now.

It will be even lovelier when it is covered with netting and
has green plants leafing and blooming
and the sprinkler is on!

these are the peas.

2 rows.
We'll see.
Last year they flopped out on me early.
This year I got them in the ground at least 3 weeks earlier.
I will also replant them in the fall.

The garden looks like this so far.
I need to add a little more mulch.
and the rest of the seeds and plants.

and a dozen earthboxes in the middle there,
on either side of the steps.
*the steps are so the children can run through the garden*


The Amazing Supermom said...

It looks amazing!

Lulu said...

Amazing. Elias and I are picking our jaws up off the floor and feeling like amateurs. Which we are.