Monday, April 11, 2011

Seriously ... poison whatever...

Main Affected Arm
began breaking out last Tuesday after exposure Sunday during high winds.
Both arms have it, the left is patchier and the right is weepier.

That is the top of the right arm, on top of scar tissue from last year's run in.
I am now breaking out in little bumps all across there.

And this is my left ankle, a little streak turned into a nasty round patch
which is getting more bumps all around the original streak. And this is my side/tummy,
I can only guess it caught the urushiol oil when leaves and bark flew down my tank top.
It was completely protected with clothing.
yet it has streaks of bumps.

I also have it on my face under my right eye and
on my neck and behind my ears. (my hair was up)
I think I have some on my scalp too.

and yes, I have been scratching. Mostly as I sleep, I wake myself scratching.
so I stop and go back to sleep.

I have tried to be very vigilant and not scratch, rather use the Ivy Stop spray and hydrocortisone.

But, I am only human.

The spray did stop a patch on my chest from getting too bad,
rather it is a patch of red leather now. I have the same red patch under my eye,
no blisters, just leathery skin.

Just so you know... It's official.
You can catch poison oak when it has no leaves.

No problem. I have Antibiotic now and some different steroid anti-itch cream.

We'll see how it all does.

Did I mention we have our homestudy visit in 2 days.


Excuse me while I clean.

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Tracie said...

Oh, my friend, I am so sorry. Let me know if I can help do anything. Miss you!!