Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Oh sure ... Leaf out NOW....

Yes, this beautiful
shiny red leafed plant
is growing. in my yard.

We didn't know it was a climbing vine in our yard,
until April 2, 2011.

When I went out and "cut back" some vines, unknowingly cutting this vine too.
It had no leaves. Who could tell.
See how Thick that vine is?!

It's the really thick one, with a small vine and leaves coming out,
just under that clamp thingy on the fence post.
Yeah, it's old and thick.
and trying to kill me.

and to make matters worse...
It's completely entwined into the honeysuckle vines and
the fencing.

Cause, what fun is it,
unless it's it is really embedded.

Okay, so it's poison ivy. Really old and deeply rooted Poison Ivy. The kind I have never caught until now poison ivy.

and to boot, now I have had an allergic reaction to Keflex.

So, we will be (eventually, this week I'm painting and recovering from the rash and reaction) having someone who is immune to Poison killya Ivy (thanks Scott K.) come over and help remove this icky stuff.

Just wanted you all to see the culprit. :)

Back to our regularly scheduled sleep, eat and painting week.

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