Sunday, April 3, 2011

Remember this face...

right before the last class of swim lessons this session...

His stance:
I'll go, but I won't like it.

which is in fact incorrect,
he did like it.
a little.

and he worked hard

for swim lessons,
you couldn't ask for a more encouraging instructor!

She was very happy to work with him.

this first floating
he kept his left leg out of the water the whole time

His instructor is amazed
and happy he is floating!

I think he looks a little tense here,
but he is flat on his back and kicking well.

Medium, preparing to "dive" in

He held on each time he jumped in...

He did jump 3 times.

and then there is this one:

"I can't want swim lessons."
so, neither of the boys will be following my swimming footsteps (at least right now)
but they both have a healthy fear of water and
enjoy getting their feet wet
and blowing bubbles with faces in water.
At least I know they will be safer this summer around our little inflatable pool.

It might have been worth those first 3 weeks where small
screamed and cried
the entire 30 minutes of class.



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