Tuesday, March 31, 2009

7th anniversary present Or Hole in the Bucket

We have been married 7 wonderful years.

We celebrated with a bottle of champagne and a borrowed movie from the library. (the day before our anniversary actually, Chris was not home from 8a - 11p on our actual anniversary - work and leading a worship set.)

The traditional gift is Wool/Copper and modern is desk sets.

For Chris, he moved into a new office on our anniversary. New Desk, New Cube, New pic of wife & kids to decorate cube, new atlas for territory, plus he took in a slew of old music posters to decorate the general office area. = new desk set.

I on the other hand received a MUCH more wonderful and not traditional gift... 3 Self Watering Planters... handmade with Love by Hubby (okay, I helped fine tune a bit!)- out of food grade icing buckets. yes, really. The whole thing cost about $4. (for the watering tube, which was almost copper! but now plastic)


Start with two 5 gallon buckets... we used 3 gallon buckets
because they were FREE

First, drill a bunch of holes and then use a utility
knife to cut out the actual holes.

Next let cute hubby do the cutting...

Relaxed and reclined cutting the bucket

Being absolutely silly while making this...

acting like he cuts off his thumb

See how nice that looks

That part actually goes faster with hole cutting tool attached
to your cordless drill, but we only had the smaller size tool.

moving on,

Next, using empty and clean
yogurt container or cottage cheese container...

Use the utility knife and cut some vertical slits so the
container can act like a wick for water to pass to the soil

Insert the newly vented container through the hole in the bucket

Hey... there's that song in my head again...

There's a hole in the bucket dear Liza, dear Liza,
there's a hole in the bucket dear Liza a hole.


really, it just sets in the hole in the bucket

Me, looking at the handiwork

Chris deciding he should not be the only one with
his picture in this entry...

Now, put the first bucket into the second bucket
stacking neatly.

me again, deciding the wicking cup would sit better
if only I smoothed out the edge right there...

Chris says it looks like now I am trying to cut my thumb off

Now that the cup fits nicely,
you need to drill a bunch of holes
~ 30 holes will do
they serve as air holes to ventilate the soil

while you have the drill out, drill holes in the bucket you have not yet drilled ANY in
Just two little holes for the overflow,
so you don't drown your plants when it rains.

the inside should look like this...

Get more FREE food grade buckets and

Repeat. :)

I forgot to mention the lid.

Use one to keep the plant weed free.

You cut two holes exactly like you did the bottom of the top bucket.

The smaller hole is for your tubing to stick out to keep the water reservoir full.

Ours was a fun Sunday afternoon rainy day project
AND a great FREE anniversary gift!

I will post a picture as soon as I plant in one!

In the meantime:
Here is a video link for making these...
(My pics are really just for fun!)
This is a very comprehensive how to link!

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