Monday, March 2, 2009

No way...

Medium boy is going to have surgery, again. This little guy has had two major surgeries and is headed in for his 3rd. Keep our family in your prayers, especially March 11th. He will be having a valgus osteotomy of his right hip. He will be in surgery for 2 hours. He will come out in a one leg spica cast and stay in the cast for 6 weeks. A spica cast is a body cast from the rib cage down across both hips and down to the ankle.

He is sad. He remembers the previous surgeries. He has been telling me he doesn't want a cast or to have the surgery. He has been demanding not to have it. He is being brave and picking a color for the cast. We have been having tearful discussions about what all will happen and how. I have been trying to help him understand when and how he gets to make decisions along the way. It is a tough week ahead, and then a tough go for all of us for several weeks. It is hard to comprehend all that means for us every day for six weeks of cast and then several weeks after as he learns to walk again. This is a major surgery and major recovery.

Dr. O will do the surgery. She did the others and is a brilliant caring surgeon. His hip has what she called a "sick" growth plate, that is not getting better with its current pins. Last week he slipped out a pin. (Ouch, he however, said it was fine, but don't touch it, ha) We saw a bulge in his thigh at a bathtime, then the next day the bulge was gone. We took him in to see Dr. O and then saw on xrays where the pin had come out, turned and gone back in. The best way to fix this and give this growth plate a chance to get better and grow, is to have the osteotomy.

Pray, Pray, Pray.

This is breaking my heart for him.
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Josh, Tammy, Gideon Dalton said...

Let us know if you need anything!! We will plan on stopping by on Thursday to check on him/you!