Thursday, March 19, 2009

Black Larry

The official Black Larry Schooner

So, I made a new dessert last night.

I told Matthan what I had prepared and he said : Black Larry Bars, eeewww.


Avast ye scoundrels!
Keep yer filthy mitts off me booty!

Who knew the next line in pirate desserts would come out of this house!

Treasure of the High Seas: Black Larry Bars

Then he says to me in the middle of a bite:

"YUK there is something crunchy and sour in here!"

Yeah... The Buried Treasure of dessert:

that would be the fresh

Black Larries


Great, now we are

The Pirates who don't eat anything.

1 comment:

Lucas Daniel said...

At least you aren't throwing mashed potatoes up against the wall. :)