Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tomato Update

Brandyboys in 4 rear pots
Bi-color cherry in 2 front pots
5 watermelon seeds germinating in the peat pots - for fun.

8 Black Brandywines - Beautiful!

2 rear white pots hold Bloesser Beefsteak
1 White pot has a Brandy Boy

Full Tray of Cherrys
1/2 Aunt Ruby's German
1/2 Bi-color

Mixed tray of Bloesser Beefsteak and Mom's "Helga Brandy Boy"

3 Doux de Espagne - Gorgeous Peppers
3 Listada de Gandia - Excellent Eggplants
6 Purple Beauty Peppers germinating
over in the far upper left corner of this pic.

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