Monday, March 23, 2009


Medium is feeling pretty great considering the immobility. Mostly confined to this loveseat all day. He does like to wheel around in the wheelchair out in our circle on a sunny day, or just around the living room after dinner (banging into everything on his way, ha!) He is pretty comfortable and quite pleasant about it all.

Tall girl was an incredible help today ... she lifted Medium in and out of the car and wheelchair going to and from the doctor today.

Yes, we saw Dr. Otis for a quick check and got GREAT NEWS!

Medium gets his cast off in 2 weeks! April 6th!
That is 2 weeks ahead of schedule. We will still be taking a bit of mid-April to get him walking again, but this is fantastic news today.


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KristaB313 said...

YAHOOOOO!!! Praise God! Matthan looks great. Give him and the rest of the fam big hugs from us and call if you need ANYTHING! :) Love you guys!